Why did we create the Bodybuilding Bible?

Well, first let us say that you just completed the first step towards your dream physique. Congratulations! Now, let’s make it short:

Numerous people – who are beginning to get into fitness and bodybuilding or already have several years of training experience – are in search of a website or a role model that will teach them how to build a muscular body fast.

Unfortunately, many of these people get tricked by semi-professional coaches, youtubers or fitness models into buying their overpriced ebooks (that often cost well beyond 100 dollars). These authors promise incredible results within few days. Pure euphemism.

The fact of the matter is: It is a hard road to get to the perfect body. No ebook is going to give you significant shortcuts or 3kg of muscles per month. Period.

The solution: Read books that are considered classics in the fitness/bodybuilding industry. Generations of athletes relied upon these books. They are considered must-read bodybuilding books. MUST-READ! The muscular athletes you follow in Flex magazine or on Instagram got there partly because they read those classics early in their career. These books are must-reads if you want to get anywhere in this sport.

We are going to present you the most important classic books + corresponding short summaries.

What we suggest:

  1. You read the short-summaries we provide on this website.
  2. If you like a particular book feel free to buy it (much cheaper than overpriced fitness ebooks) and..
  3. read it. We promise you will build a better foundation of knowledge and will experience stronger progress than 90% of the fitness community.
  4. (In case it does not work and you want to get rid of some money you can still buy an overpriced fitness ebook by some semi-professional authors afterwards.)
Click the image to view the most important classics of fitness and bodybuilding literature

Feel free to leave your feedback and comments in the comment section below.

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